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“Maxine” clutched at her chest, the ache inside, almost too much to bear, especially alone.
Surrounded by year-end revelry, and tons of people partying, laughing, drinking, Maxine nodded, smiled occasionally, trying desperately not to seem bored or snobbish.
Talking any more than necessary was out of the question, especially with this damned cold. Max’s voice always registered especially low with sniffles. The last thing he needed was to be outted as the man he was; or maybe that would be a blessing in its own disguise.

He missed his friends, his girlfriends. He hated this: being surrounded by people, and yet so desperately alone.

The Witness Protection Agency’s brilliant plan to protect “Maxine”…aka, Joseph Martino Hammer, Mobster-turned-Snitch, was worse than prison. Worse than death, too.

With hand to breasts that were but balled-up socks tucked inside a brassiere, with cigarette smoke prettily curling from his painted, pouting lips, the lovely vision who was “Maxine,” pined for the man he used to be.

No way he was going to stay “Maxine” forever! This, and this alone, was Maxine’s New Year’s Resolve.