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“Alice Wondered. Her most recent antics–playing tricks on Maid and Cook–landed her in a bit of trouble.

She was forced to endure the next two days indoors, locked in her room. Why, she was not permitted out, even to eat! Once a day, Maid would fetch her chamber pot, exchange the waste-filled with clean, also bring her a bowl of warm, soapy water, with which to freshen herself.

Cook too, would come around, with meager tidbits: Breakfast. Lunch. Supper.

Alice hadn’t meant harm to Cook or Maid. Not really.

The girl was simply bored and alone. Alone with her imagination, a room full of toys and trinkets her parents had given her from their frivolous excursions about the globe.

What she wanted, was a brother or sister…or somebody…to share time passing. She was going mad, she just knew it. When she locked Cook in the hen house, she thought it was funny. Cook did not. The old woman may have forgiven Alice, except Alice’s sense of perception and time was not right. She had forgotten Cook in the hen house, as she moved on to the next great idea inside her head. Alice was so easily distracted!

Maid may have forgiven Alice, too. Except that the girl had gone just too far, snooping in her maid’s quarters, amusing herself with Maid’s diary. Maid had written very personal things in that journal. Things she wished no one to discover. Especially Alice’s parents. Oh! If they discovered the dowdy maid’s feelings towards the master of the house…what would she do? Where would she ever find work and security?

In her room, alone with…things…Alice Wondered.
Her favorite companion, a rather funny toy, a stuffed bunny whose expression remained quizzical at all times, seemed to wonder, too. Alice was certain both Rabbit and she, would be happier down a rabbit hole, than be here.

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THE STORY: “They were kindred spirits. Orphans, both–alone, together in the world. Their existence was perfect. They moved as one, and ate and slept and played. Then? Stupid Humans, “grown-ups” no less, had to come along, and ruin everything. 😦 _________________________________________________________________________ photoallegory of sarolta bán, Visit