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“Tommy did not want a bath! “Bath-time” meant, “soon to bed”!
He sneaked into the cabinet, Much to kitty’s dread!

He dared not move a muscle. He hoped he wouldn’t sneeze!
Tommy did not know how still–He could keep his knees!

He saw his mother’s legs go past–Calling out his name.
She warned him that he must stop–Playing silly games!

The kitty started meowing–she wanted to get out.
Finally Mommy came to see–What kitty fussed about.

She was not so very mad, When she saw her boy–
Crammed into the cupboard, looking very coy!

Into the bathtub Tommy went, then put his jammies on;
Mommy tucked him into bed, And as she did, he yawned.

The kitty jumped upon the bed, And found a nice spot to lay.
Both Tommy and the kitty knew, it was time to hit the hay.”