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“One so tall, he sees the crowns—of those below, so near the ground,
And cleavages of women’s breasts—sometimes more! Ah, that’s the best!

Some so small, they look like dolls—see boots and knickers. Even flaws–
Like moles or freckles, between the thighs–of those who tower, way-up high…
These must tread about with care–those above, don’t see them there!

Curiosities, amusements, marvels, scorns,
Causing gapes and gasping breath:
Still, like us, these freaks are born–and bide too, ’til we meet Death!


THE STORY: “Joe didn’t like the idea of settling down, starting a family. Joinin’ the war effort was a good excuse as any to get out of town. Mary Jane was heartbroken. Joe himself shed a few tears, sayin’ goodbyes. But not because he would miss Mary Jane so much (…or Sue, or Winnie, or even that sultry Matilda!) The girls were right: He might not make it home. And if he died, it would surely break his Ma’s heart. That’s why he cried a little. Joe was having some doubts the last few days, if he’d get out alive. Things were getting bloody. When the kid came around, his hope was renewed. He’d see his Ma again, he just knew it! Joe’s Ma was the prayin’ kind. He knew when he first saw the kid, dodging bullets, dragging the big bunch of little bananas, everything was going to be all right. He said a prayer of thanks, patted the kid’s head. They ate like pigs, they did. ———————————————————————————————Pinned by my friend, Gail K. –Thanks Gail!