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“It was too hot outside.No work and no pay.
They were tired of sittin’ around, all damned day.

They grabbed their big coats, and walked to the store.
“Just to look,” Adam said. But both knew he meant more.

The Liquor Store owner remembered these two.
(Seeing them here, shows that’s not hard to do!)

The clerk kept her distance, watching Adam and Eve.
She saw what she saw, though hard to believe:

Adam stuffed Jameson, Eve’s Spandex, Blue Ribbon;
Finally confronted, both started a-fibbin’!

“She made me do it!” Adam cried,
“It was Adam’s idea!” Eve screeched.
Calling the cops, the Owner replied that the end of his patience was reached.”


THE STORY: “You wanna know why was I smiling?” He said, shaking his head, laughing. “I was arrested by the Keystone version of the Keebler Elf!” He used the back of his hand to wipe tears, he was laughing so hard. He held up the newspaper, tapping the press photo. “See? His lil’ ole white, Elfin’ Ears–and that haircut! Man, it don’t help much!” he said. He was right. 🙂                                                                    [Orig TEENIE HARRIS SIGNED 8X10 B&W Photograph 60s 70s ARREST Pittsburgh PA: ]