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“Bambi’s mom and siblings were killed, when a stupid, drunk, homophobic, redneck-neighbor drove into the yard, crushing Bambi’s family, before crashing into the barn.

Ever since they moved to the country, the obnoxious fool of a neighbor became increasingly troublesome. He’d drink himself into a fever, then come to their farm, stopping just short of the property line.
From the road, he’d holler obscenities. The vulgarity that came out of his good, “Christian”, heterosexual mouth, was just awful.

This time, he failed to stop at the end of the drive.
Swerving wildly, he finally stopped, when he slammed into the barn.
The side of the barn where Bambi, her mom and siblings were playing.
The stupid hick behind the wheel of the car, passed-out, “…probably even before he got to your driveway,” the Sheriff told the farmer.

The farmer and her wife didn’t know what to do, exactly, for the poor little surviving duckling. They called this lone duckling, “Bambi” (After the Walt Disney Bambi…who lost a parent, too.)

With the local veterinarian’s help, and guidance from their other neighbor, who acted like a real Christian, the farmer and her wife were able to save little Bambi, and became Bambi’s surrogate mothers.

Yet, they could not coax the little bird to hop in the pond–or to swim, or dive, or float. Ducky-things that ducks are supposed to do.

Each day, they would try, but nothing worked. Finally, the farmer’s wife told the farmer to bring a water basin, with water in it. Bambi was curious, and saw her reflection. But she could not bring herself to make friends with the water.

The farmer and her wife waited.
Ready with their cameras, they waited.

Forty minutes later, a splash! Bambi did it, as her two moms cheered her on: “We knew you could! We knew you could!”
It was a grand moment, indeed.



THE STORY: “One More!”
Both Deer and Doggie would not let Mum go, until she read them ‘One More’ bedtime story. After long, hard days, however exhausted Sophie was, she looked forward to ‘cuddle-n-read’ time, with her two favorite creatures on the planet.

Together the three snuggled. Sophie “read” the storybooks, saved from her own childhood. But she took liberties.
Sophie made the stories, well, a bit more, ‘critter-friendly.’

Like that horrid story about Little Red Riding Hood. At the end of Sophie’s version, Little Red is saved by the Big Wolf, from the BAD, evil, Grandma. (Doggie’s favorite.)

In Sophie’s version of “Bambi”, Bambi’s mommy, together with Thumper’s mommy, stomps the livin’ crap out of the mean, old hunter. (Guess who likes THAT one the best!)

Before she knew it, Sophie heard snoring.
Soon enough Sophie was sleeping, too. Nighty-night! 🙂