Deliberate Living


Along the path we journey, even if the road we began on is straight, and all goals are in sight upon the horizon, inevitably, there will be obstacles.

The nonsense about obstacles being thinly disguised opportunities is a bunch of hog-wash.
If a big tree happens to fall onto a winding road, and you are in a vehicle that comes upon it first–no warning that you will be the one to crash into it and maybe die–that’s an obstacle.

Hurdles, on the other hand, are different. First, they are hurdles. Hurdles can be obstacles, but they are by very definition, things over which one can jump, go around, or otherwise deal with, and have a reasonable outcome, even if the experience was horrid.
See the etymology of the word, ‘hurdle’ here:
and compare it to the word, ‘obstacle’:

Though relatively similar, the two are not the same thing. If one is lucky enough to survive an obstacle, they may have many hurdles to overcome. Back to the winding road with the tree-obstruction analogy:
If you are fortunate enough to survive a near-fatal collision with the fallen tree, lots of surgery and therapy will be hurdles towards recovery.

This blog, for all its deficiencies, is a sort of hurdle for me, personally.
I am determined to see it evolve as a sort of tool for whomever is reading it, as much as for myself.

The main focus shall be on the mindful, deliberate choices we all can make, to improve our ability to make the journey.

This is borne of a desire to really understand what it means to live.

I know. I know. What sort of sappy, corny crap is that? I’m conjuring up an image of a generic, televangelist-type, self-affirming guru, that teaches breathing exercises, quotes adages and wise words from sages and would-be messiahs.
That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about coping skills, and finding ways to be in this world, in a more deliberate way.

Merely existing isn’t enough for me any more. In part, because I know that my expiration date is one day closer than it was, yesterday. And since I have almost 50 years worth of yesterdays, the margin of time allotted me has only so many days remaining. While I’m not certain of what date I’m due to expire, I am certain that from now, on, thoughtful, deliberate living is the goal.
Again: simply existing isn’t good enough, any more. Not for me.
Maybe it isn’t for you, either.

Where I’m going with this, I do not know for sure. But I’m taking a deliberate stab at it.
You are cordially invited to follow along in the process.




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