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A Response to ‘Women Against Feminism’.

If you have a pulse, and you are free, read this.


“Sisters Victoria and Marguerite did not want to make their First Holy Communion. Not like this! Such a fuss for what should be a sacred and private matter. Not a spectacle.

How the girls felt, had nothing at all to do with G_d, Jesus, the Holy Ghost or even the Virgin, Mary. They resented being forced to participate in a ceremony they believed missed the point of first communion, entirely,

Victoria and Marguerite’s parents, the nuns–all agreed the girls’ First Communion was awkwardly over-due. Both should have had their First Communions in the second grade, just as all the other children at St. Peter’s. They did not, because they moved around too much. Now that they were ‘settled’–according to their mom, it was time.

The 5th grader, Victoria, scowled, miserable in her sacrificial-white, hand-me-down dress. It belonged to the eldest sister, Mary Linda, who wore the dress at her First Communion. The painful ordeal worsened because of the dress, too tight and sleeves too short.

The third grader, Marguerite–the plump one–was feeling especially plump and out-of-place: surrounded by second-graders and their parents, who whispered about why they were just now making their First Communion.

Afterwards, they would go home, have a party to celebrate their communion-y-ness, with a yellow box-cake topped with bad, home-made powdered-sugar frosting.
Dad would drink a case of beer, Mom would pretend life was good.

Victoria and Marguerite would change out of their dresses, and play down by the creek.

Victoria would be Jesus, and Marguerite would be a sinner to be baptized. It was just play, but this play made them feel much closer to G_d than old, white dresses and little pieces of round, tasteless bread, dipped in sour wine.

Free Will?

Interesting article from a great site!  What’s your take on Free Will vs. No Free Will?

Androgyny of G-d

Posted: December 30, 2012 in G-D Thoughts
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I’ve been pondering the necessity of gender.
I’ve been musing on the relevance of gender as it relates to faith, and my faith, in particular. Which is Christianity.
Is G-d male or female, both, or neither?
Yes, yes. I know that we Christians have emerged from a very patriarchal faith, Judaism. And that G-d is addressed in the masculine (Our Father, etc).
But is that because we mere humans cannot comprehend a being who is without gender, or dual-gendered? What if G-d is Androgynous?
Would that change, even an iota, who G-d is, or what G-d has done for us?
Mmmm. I don’t think so. What’s your take?

Happy holidays to all, merry Christmas for those that celebrate it (religiously or secular festivities-ways), and happy
[name-your-festivity-holiday-celebration-tradition here].
Feedback Welcome.

Have a safe, prosperous, enriching, non-violent, and memorable-in-a-good-way 2013!