“Acid Reflux, it wasn’t!
He should have known that it was about ‘that time of the month”–the crankiness, restless legs at night, pillow damp from drool, in the mornings. Not to mention the tinnitus and migraines. The heartburn was killer-bad, this time. Always the most painful part.

Well, there was not a thing Silv could do about it.
Nothing at all, but pray.
He clutched his rosary, mentally recited the prayers, visualizing the Stations of The Cross, as he did so. He preferred praying silently, and given his state of change, that was a good thing. The transformation had begun, and when Silv ‘s jaw changed, trying to man-talk was not going to happen.

He managed to get out of his clothes just in time. At least 7 or 8 times a year, he ruined perfectly good clothes during shape-shifts.

The sun disappeared, and full moon was out.
It was time.
At least he prayed before he preyed.”


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