“The boy and the dog are very photogenic.
Both boy and dog were eager to don boxing gloves, climb into makeshift boxing-ring, and have a go at it. At first, it was fun. All just play.

As word spread that the two were sparring in Johnson’s field for a traveling photographer, schemers and ne’er-do-wells came around.

More and more people came to watch.
Money began to exchange hands.
Everyone wanted more, more, more! More action. Blood.

They tormented both boy and dog, trying to turn one against the other, to make matches ‘More Real’. More exciting. Adults who think they are so good and kind, have a deeply rooted penchant for violence as entertainment.

That this simple bout of diversion for both boy and dog was turned into a twisted, despicable, bloodsport-sideshow, was beyond sad. Stupid “Adults” always had to ruin things. Adult Humans were the most insane, inhumane, self-serving creatures on the planet.

The boy and dog would have no more of it. They ran away together. Hopped a train just outside of Jersey, and went out west. And yes: they truly did live happily ever after.

  1. My money would have been on the dog.

    • RichStine says:

      I hesitated about doing a story for this pic. I tend to shy away from photos of animals, especially if they are being possibly mistreated — all for the sick twisted entertainment of people. I thought I’d give it a happy ending. This is a rarity. I always root for the critter, no matter what. I like ’em better than people, to include myself.

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