–Arthur Fellig, aka, “Weegee”, crime-photographer extraordinaire, took this photograph. Not his typical subjects, however. These are just two Carnies, playing around.

If you know what a Ouija Board is, or have an inkling, you will appreciate Arthur’s nickname, “Weegee.”

Weegee got his nickname, because he liked Ouija Boards, and because he was a crime photographer without parallel. Weegee was ALWAYS at the right place, at the right time.

Same could be said for his subjects, who were mostly murder victims. Get Murdered? Weegee would be along, straight-away, clicking his camera, immortalizing gouges, gaping wounds, disfigured, mangled bodies, faces of death.

While some were jealous of Weegee, most did not possess the stomach for his specialty, anyway. Which added to resentment.

Weegee’s uncanny knack for always being on-scene,  fed suspicions: did he have something to do with the deaths?

Most unsettling rumor, was that Weegee was in cahoots with Beelzebub himself, via the damned Ouija Board.

The Weejster simply gave those around him the Heebie-Jeebies.

This photo is not the usual Weegee shot. Taken at a carnival, the subjects are two performers, billed as “Amazing Spacetronauts”.  Here, they are, goofing around for the camera. Cute!

It is not this photograph that is terribly  interesting.

What’s interesting,  is, as Weegee’s camera flashed,  capturing this image, another bright light..consumed the couple, right in front of him. Presto! Gone-zo!

Nobody’s seen or heard from these two, since.

Police reports record that the incident gave Weegee the heebie-jeebies!



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