RICHSTINE’S THE STORY–“La cheminée Ils Rose” (Up The Chimney They Rose):

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Take A Peek!, THE STORY: RichStine's "The Story" (also on Pinterest)
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[thanks to Google Translate:]

L’HISTOIRE:… “Robes et draperies seraient d’aucune utilité Il y avait assez de vinaigrette temps, au Cercle Pour l’instant, pour passer à travers la cheminée, et sur ​​la cheminée – à la hâte, était assez chasseurs ont été porte-vont à-porte, une sorcière-recherche. les cris de terreur d’innocents étant arrachées à leur sommeil causé des frissons à voyager de la colonne vertébrale. “Nous devons nous dépêcher!” exhorté safran, “les chasseurs approchent!”


THE STORY: “Robes and draperies would be of no use. There was time enough for dressing, at the Circle. For now, to get through the fireplace, and out the chimney–with haste, was enough. Hunters were going door-to-door, a-witch-seeking. The shrieks of terror of innocents–being dragged from their slumber, caused chills to travel the spine. “We must hurry!” urged Saffron, “The Hunters approach!”

  1. Funny, it’s not the naked ladies flying up the chimney that strikes me as odd as much as the comment in the story that innocent people are being snatched out of their beds and taken away to be tried as witches. We’d like to think that in the 21st century we’re beyond that sort of nonsense, but really, what would keep that sort of thing from happening if “the authorities” decided to go door to door looking for witches (or terrorists, or subversives, or drug dealers)? Most of us can’t fly out the chimney on a broomstick, let alone afford a good defense attorney.

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