The Honorable Carlos Hardy finally came to his senses.
It was useless to try to conduct business with such precipitous distraction. Umbrellas were gathered and distributed, but the effort was in vain.
Somewhere, clogged pipes were to blame.

Uncontrollable chatter, people shifting uncomfortably, superstitious unease with umbrellas fully engaged indoors–no amount of gavel-pounding made a difference.
Papers became soggy, smells of sewage assaulted the senses, and umbrellas twirled and danced in the air. A real circus!

Judge Hardy called it a day, and set a date to resume later, at such a time when order could be realized.

With all the hoopla, nobody…not the court reporter, the judge, nor the LA Times photographer, knew what Hannah knew:

The plumbing was sabotaged, quite deliberately.

  1. For their sakes I hope it wasn’t an overflowing toilet. 😀

  2. RichStine says:

    I’ll say! I think perhaps sewage may have been an issue. There’s not a whole lot documented about this particular incident, other than there was a drainage problem, and umbrellas were tried. I’ll bet the court houses may have files somewhere, with more details. It would be great if I lived closer to the West Coast. I’d try to find out more. Imagine what sort of crappy day that must have been! The sabotage thing, well. Who knows? Wouldn’t it be a wild thing, if that turned out to be true?!!!

    • Hmm, I’ve never heard of the incident either. I thought the photograph was humorous, but maybe it was linked to something more serious. Some gangster decided to get back at the judge by paying some plumbers to wreck the pipes? A career criminal who was a practical joker? If I see anything about this, I’ll let you know.

  3. RichStine says:

    What prompted me to suggest a more deliberate reason behind the clogged drains, is two-fold:
    1. This is LA, at the height of the Prohibition Era. A lot of things were happening behind the scenes!
    2. this wonderful piece, by Scott Harrison, at this site:

    Still, more information–factual, documented information–is sought. I sure would like to know if I’m right about my hunch of sabotage! The terse looks on all the faces, in my opinion, cannot only be because of poor plumbing!

    Please do share, should you find some goodies.

    Very much appreciated!

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