“Reports of people disappearing from atop slopes in the Swiss Alps, were dismissed as practical jokes. Certainly, many people have disappeared from snowy mountaintops–due to inexperience, lack of diligence, or plain, bad luck. But latest reports came with tales of sightings of the Lindorm…that fearsome creature of lore.
With Carnival taking place, this sort of news became a nuisance.

A few newspapers published concerns which police dismissed as mere malarkey. Authorities had plenty to do, and resented those wasting their time with false reports. Stern warnings were sent out to the public, that only genuine missing persons reports would be processed and investigated. Mention Lindorm to them, and one could find themselves in jail!

Well. Robert Capa, famed photographer, whose renowned bravery in pursuit of capturing history with his camera, managed to get a few snaps off, before this gent “went missing”. The only thing remained was his fancy hat. Imagine that!

Luckily for Capa, Lindorm was a bit camera-shy. The closest thing to actual proof that Lindorm categorically defies myth, is this magnificent shadow cast onto the snow.

If one is not familiar with Lindorm, I suggest clicking on over to Wikipedia and finding out.

BTW: Capa never actually admitted to seeing the Lindorm. (He never denied it, either.)


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