Posted: January 3, 2014 in Take A Peek!, THE STORY: RichStine's "The Story" (also on Pinterest)

“So the grown-ups came, and snatched both Cutie and the Beast up, ignoring protests and desperate attempts at escape.
Carnies, they were, these bad grown-ups.

Newsmen, statesmen, even royalty all over the world–hailed the captors of Cutie & the Beast, “As If” they were heroes, rescuing them from the evils of nature.

Their mission: to make the child (Cutie) “civilized”; tame the Beast, “for its own sake.” Of course the real reason was to gain fame and make a fortune, these Do-Gooders. They cared not an ounce, about anything else.

They were together, at least.
Cutie and the Beast were kept inside a sterile room, occasionally visited by anthropologists, and other men of science. They were prodded, poked, and studied. They were displayed in a cage by “learned” experts, who charged handsomely for a peek at the two.
The cage was for “their own good.” Also for the good of the spectators.
Wild creatures such as Cutie and the Beast, couldn’t be trusted.

Time passed.
The Cutie turned into a Beauty.
The Beast? Well. Stay tuned. There’s more to the story.”


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