“It was a bright and sunny morning–and not a dark-n-stormy evening. You see, sometimes what is most frightening, or should be, isn’t what lurks under cover of darkness or storm clouds. Sometimes, what we ought to fear is–boom!–right in front of us, in the spotlight of obvious day.

Hoyleton Rafferty, the be-bunnied chap, above, minus any hint of wardrobe or foot gear, had a very bad New Year’s Eve.

Hoyle’s fellows invited him to this New Year’s celebration, allegedly a costume party. “Be sure to dress-up!” they told him, luring him like Stephen King’s Carrie had been, to the prom.

Believing he would be welcome, Hoyleton carefully made his masquerade outfit–a creepy rabbit costume. It was all he could come up with. Fitting, though, since the chap is a bit unintentionally creepy, himself.

He arrived at the party, and his new ‘friends’ stripped him of his cotton-tailed, footy-pajamas, and tossed him outside. How humiliating! They laughed at him!

Now, Hoyleton waited. He watched through the windows, and he waited.

One by one, his tormenters passed out, unable to imbibe or move. Hoyleton had a plan, yesirree!

He was nothing, if not patient.


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