THE STORY: “A furious wave of hands arose from the mob of media men, curiosity-seekers. All had questions, demanding to know about silvery-alien-mystery unveiled before them. Doctors Fraukenstine and Hide finally managed to grab headlines away from that hideous Elephant Man side-show. Extraterrestrials are real…Friendly, simply curious, or malevolent, the doctors had dealt with such entities. Together they were dismissed as sensationalist, glory-seeking Frauds. Finally, after mounting frustration due to scoffers, ridicule from esteemed fellows, Fraukenstine & Hide decided to give folks what they wanted: A Hoax. Their formula was elementary: One Street Urchin + Tin Foil + Silver Paint + clever, prosthetic appliances = their 15 minutes of fame. Too bad their little prank backfired. The metallic paint was heavy with lead and other mercurial toxins, which killed the handsomely-paid street urchin. Convicted of expediting the death of a child (however unwittingly), the good doctors were hung by the neck until dead. Not quite the attention they intended. ———————————————————————————————Pinned to The Story by Gail K. Thanks, Gail!


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