Posted: December 17, 2013 in Take A Peek!, THE STORY: RichStine's "The Story" (also on Pinterest)
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THE STORY: “Once upon a daytime, dreary, With nothing to do, and feeling bleary, Eddie entertained himself with father’s prized buck horns; With camera remotely snapping, Fireplace snap-crackling, A raven flew inside, And alit on chair’s back-fore… Sheer thrills replaced his Bore! BUT: The lad was not to tinker–with trophy-horns, (the little stinker!), Or play with father’s camera, for which punishment was sure– The bird did fly away, cawing “You’ll be Sore!” Days later when he discovered–Eddie’s misspent time, Pa hovered– Over sulking Eddie, bent over that same chair! As belt lashed his tender bottom, Lad sobbing, looking solemn, Again that bloody bird came, and shat upon the floor…just to heckle, nothing more.” (apologies to one of my literary heroes, Mr. E. A. Poe) ______________________________________________________________________________Pinned to The Story by my friend, Eleanor T.; Thanks ET! —————————————————————————– Visit


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