Posted: December 17, 2013 in Take A Peek!, THE STORY: RichStine's "The Story" (also on Pinterest)
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THE STORY: “When Merrie Melodies made the 1954 short film, “Baby Buggy Bunny”, (directed by Merrie Melodies’ very own Chuck Jones)… it was not without controversy. The idea behind the character, “Babyface” Finster, a dwarf gangster, concocted by writer, Michael Maltese, was based upon the actual gangster, “Baby Face” Nelson. Baby Face Finster, the animated, pint-sized ruffian, was inspired by Nelson. But Finster resembled a lesser-known fella (pictured above, to the left of a robust-looking chicken.) The man next to the chicken, appears to be a child, is not a child. The man is none other than chain-smoking Maximus Glotfelty, aka “Sinister Max.” Before Max became thug to be reckoned-with, he spent his youth with sideshows and fair circuits. This photograph was a promotional, advertising the world’s smallest man, who was billeted as “No Bigger than a Rooster.” Sinister Max died at the tender age of 29, stabbed a a rigged cock fight in the Bronx. He remains immortal, along with Baby Face Nelson, as Babyface Finster, in cinematic archives of Merrie Melodies. 🙂 ________________________________________________________________________ pin From Eleanor T. SEE:


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