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Androgyny of G-d

Posted: December 30, 2012 in G-D Thoughts
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I’ve been pondering the necessity of gender.
I’ve been musing on the relevance of gender as it relates to faith, and my faith, in particular. Which is Christianity.
Is G-d male or female, both, or neither?
Yes, yes. I know that we Christians have emerged from a very patriarchal faith, Judaism. And that G-d is addressed in the masculine (Our Father, etc).
But is that because we mere humans cannot comprehend a being who is without gender, or dual-gendered? What if G-d is Androgynous?
Would that change, even an iota, who G-d is, or what G-d has done for us?
Mmmm. I don’t think so. What’s your take?

Happy holidays to all, merry Christmas for those that celebrate it (religiously or secular festivities-ways), and happy
[name-your-festivity-holiday-celebration-tradition here].
Feedback Welcome.

Have a safe, prosperous, enriching, non-violent, and memorable-in-a-good-way 2013!